Industrial Automobile, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic

  • QIEST inspect Industrial Automobile equipment, vehicle, parts and accessories ranging from engine parts (shaft, crank, piston, gear, etc.) to body, paint, etc.
  • QIST inspect Industrial Mechanical Equipment and Machinery ranging from Crane to Steel structures, Pressure vessels, Boilers, Fuel Tank,Turbine, Hydraulic System, Tools etc. 
  • QIEST inspect Industrial Electrical & Electronic Equipment & Products ranging from electric cables to Control panels, Switch, Diode, Capacitors,  PCB Board,  Circuits, Power-board, power generators, electric motors, transformers, switch-gears,  circuit breakers, fiber optical cables, Wafer, Die to Monitors, Electronic Tools, Printer, CRO, CCTV Camera, Air Cooling System, Telephone, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, LCD, Hard Disk, Wireless Devices, Oven, and Microwave etc.