Petroleum Equipment Inspection

Petroleum Equipment Inspection Scope & Witness Testing Checklist

QIEST equipment quality inspection services ranging Gas and Petroleum equipment, Power station or plant, Chemical plants, Steel plants, Solar & Water system, Hydro Power Station, Waste water system, and related industries. Power supply units and equipment fabrication and installation are paramount to industry and are challenging to maintain when relating to traditional NDT methods and unreliable production quality standards. Our engineers and inspectors follow international Code & Standard requirements and guidelines to identify the overall quality standard and damage (NDT, ASME Code Sect VIII, API 570, API 574, CSWIP, etc.). 


  • Verify and review Mandatory Certificates and Reports such as, Gas Tank Equipment Test Reports, Material Certificate, Chemical Composition , Calibration Certificate, Mechanical properties test,  Pressure and Testing Report, Material Test Report, Daily Heat Testing Report, Ultrasonic Examination Report, Radiographic Interpretation Examination Report, Inspection and Test Procedure, Mill Sheet, Supplier Impression Evaluation Sheet and Additional Client Requirements. 
  • Verify and review Inspection Documents, Engineering Specification & Drawings such as, Gas Tank Specification & drawings, Tank Equipment Specification & drawings, Agreed Inspection Scope, Special Inspection Instruction, Inspection Checklist, Testing Procedures, Painting Specification, Purchase Documents, Pipe Arrangement, Isometric Drawing and Additional Client Requirements. 


  • Final Equipment Dimensional Inspection
  • Final Visual Inspection of complete supply unit
  • Visual welding inspection of the tank and equipment
  • Non-destructive Examination (NDE). Painting Inspection
  • Marking check of tank and fitting 
  • Visual, dimension and painting check for tank fitting such as, safety valve, pressure gauge, pipe, nozzle and etc.
  • Equipment fitting welding check. Trial Assembly check
  • Mechanical properties check
  • Volume and Weight check
  • Internal cleanness check
  • Shipping Preparation. Packing 
  • Additional Client Requirements


  • NDT (Non-destructive Testing)
  • Performance Test 
  • Sequence Test 
  • Function Test 
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Full Water Test 
  • Leak Test 
  • Pressure Test 
  • Seat Leak Test
  • Blow Off Test
  • Additional Client Requirements